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Countdown to Christmas: Planning a Caribbean Holiday Dinner with MarlieQs

(Menu attached)

Can you believe it? Christmas is just six months away! As the summer heat blazes on, it’s the perfect time to start thinking about something warm and delightful for the cooler months ahead—a Caribbean holiday dinner. Whether planning for Thanksgiving or Christmas, MarlieQs is here to cater your dream escape-to-Jamaica meal.

Why Start Planning Your Holiday Dinner Now?

1. **Peace of Mind**: Getting a head start means less stress and last-minute rushing. Early planning ensures every detail is just right for a special family gathering.

2. **Authenticity**: Caribbean cuisine relies on rich, authentic flavors and ingredients. By planning now, you ensure everything is perfect, capturing the true taste of Jamaica.

3. **Availability**: High-quality catering services like MarlieQs can get booked up quickly, especially around the holidays. Reserving your date now ensures you get the best service.

Discover the MarlieQs Experience

MarlieQs brings the vibrant flavors and warmth of Jamaica right to your table . Imagine your family gathered around a table filled with aromatic dishes, tropical decorations, and the soulful sounds of Caribbean music without the cost of plane tickets . MarlieQs handles every detail, so you can focus on making memories with your loved ones

A Caribbean Menu to Delight Your Senses

Here’s a sneak peek at what a catered meal from MarlieQs might include:

1. **Appetizers**:

- *Coconut Shrimp*: Crispy and succulent, perfect for kicking off the feast.

2. **Main Courses**:

- *Jerk Chicken*: MarlieQs' signature dish, with perfectly balanced spices offering a kick of heat.

- *Curried Goat*: Slow-cooked to perfection, this dish is rich, tender, and flavorful.

3. **Sides**:

- *Rice and Peas*: A staple of Jamaican cuisine, comforting and satisfying.

- *Fried Plantains*: Sweet and caramelized, a delightful complement to any dish.

4 **Drinks**:

- *Sorrel*: A traditional holiday drink made from hibiscus flowers, infused with spices.

The MarlieQs Touch

MarlieQs doesn’t just deliver food; they provide a full cultural experience. From table settings adorned with tropical decorations to playlists of reggae and calypso music, every detail is crafted to transport you and your guests to the shores of Jamaica.

Plan Your Meal with MarlieQs

Now is the time to start imagining your holiday feast. Reach out to MarlieQs to discuss your specific desires and dietary needs, ensuring a catered meal that fits your family's preferences perfectly.

By planning now, you’re ensuring a seamless, joyous, and unforgettable holiday dinner. Let MarlieQs handle the intricacies of bringing Jamaica to your table, so you can relish the company of your loved ones and the enchanting flavors of the Caribbean.

So, don’t wait! Get in touch with MarlieQs and start planning your holiday escape to Jamaica. Christmas may be six months away, but the joys of anticipation and preparation begin today.


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