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Ode to Patty and Cocobread

It's winter time in the Carolinas and my mind goes back to the warmth of summer days in Jamaica. I remember my father taking time out of his workday to drive up to Montego Hills, where we lived on the outskirts of Montego Bay to bring us beef patty and cocobread for lunch. That was such a special treat.

We opened the cocobread and placed the patty in the middle and squeezed it all into a sandwich. Yes, Jamaican beef patty and cocobread is the original hamburger

It is not just a meal; it's a rich tapestry of warmth, spice, and familial bonds tightly wrapped in golden crumbs and soft, pillowy bread. Each bite is a journey back to a childhood filled with laughter and the comfort of not a care in the world except making sure the dishes were washed before Mom came home . If you weren't covered in patty flakes after that meal you didn't eat it right.

It's the simplicity of the snack and the complexity of its flavors that anchor the soul to a time when the biggest concern was simply savoring every morsel and thankful that you got your own cocobread and didn't have to share. This meal, this memory, remains a cherished emblem of youth and heritage, forever relished, forever remembered.

How to eat patty and cocobread

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